MouseFIGHTER for Windows

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  • Version: 5.4.1

A free app for Windows, by Martin Friis Nielsen Kjaer

MouseFIGHTER is a free software only available for Windows. It makes part of the category 'Utilities & Tools' and the subcategory 'Keyboards', and has been created by Martin Friis Nielsen Kjaer.

More about MouseFIGHTER

Since we added this program to our catalog in 2012, it has obtained 15,131 downloads, and last week it had 4 downloads.

It's available for users with the operating system Windows 98 SE and more recent versions, and it is available in different languages such as English, Danish, and Norwegian. The current version of the software is 5.4.1 and it has been updated on 06/17/2012.

MouseFIGHTER is a slick software that requires less storage space than many software in the Utilities & Tools category. It's heavily used in Brazil.

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MouseFIGHTER 5.4.1 for Windows

User reviews about MouseFIGHTER

  • by Anonymous

    Its a great app. It really helps alot. I no longer get pains when am using the mousefighter instead of the mouse. Its a great app.

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